A C N E   B O O T C A M P

What makes the bootcamp different?

You are not a number. You are in the hands of an acne specialist who utilizes some of the strongest & scientifically backed acne products & protocols on the market. The Face Reality Program has a proven 95% success rate. My goal is to help you feel great in your skin, to feel confident & unashamed of how your skin looks & feels. I want to help you just as much as you do

  • Not all "Acne Bootcamps" are created equal. Ingredients, education, product formulation, & professional support will all play an important role in your success

  • Antibiotics will not work, they disrupt healthy gut flora & create more problems. Acne is more than a "bacteria" problem. 

  • Accutane should never be an option, it does more harm than good

  • Over the counter creams are not strong enough to work, it's usually only temporary when they do

What Does The Program Include?

1. Complete analysis of your acne & treatment options

2. Skin Sensitivity Test will be performed including a treatment that day

3. Professional Products &Treatment with a 95% success rate will be used in service & for you to take home

4. Ongoing support & guidance during your program to monitor your progress & ensure your success!

This is a rigorous program, acne does not happen overnight nor does it clear up over night. Acne is complex & will take time, patience, & commitment to conquer. You need to address all aspects of it. Let me make it easier for you.

Acne Bootcamp Pricing

First Session $230

Includes skin analysis, skin sensitivity test, products for take home regimen, treatment for the day, and all paperwork needed to guide you on what you can do at home to help kick acne to the curb

Two Week Sessions $65

You will be in every two weeks for treatments & updates on how your skin is doing. We will also make adjustments to your home care regimen if needed

Before (March 2020)
After (August 2020) 
6 Months To Clear
"You are a miracle worker!"
-Jacob E.
4 Months To Clear
"I can't stop smiling, I'm going to cry I'm so thankful!" -Nicole R.
6 Months To Clear
Lets start today, together!